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If you are using a smartphone, you definitely make use of your phone for the purpose of playing games. You are here reading this post means that you are searching for the best game modifying an application to tweak your game and add on to your game fun. So here we are listing Apps like xmodgames for you in this post that might end your search for the best xmodgames alternatives.

Xmodgames Android is basically an application to add tweaks and mods to the games like clash of clans, Pokemon Go etc. This will let you unlock those areas of the games which are accessible upon fair playing only. Xmod android is one of the best applications to modify your games but there are many xmodgames alternatives available to you in the app market that can be a good option for you if in any case xmodgame is not working for you.

We are discussing the seven apps like xmodgames below to serve you with more options to choose from. These xmodgame alternatives are not available in the Google play store so do not try to find them there rather visit the official websites for getting the app.

It is always great to get free access to paid zones whether it is a mobile game or club entry. Apps like xmodgames give you this great experience of enjoying the free access to the paid features of the games. Using these xmodgames alternatives you can take over any of the in-app purchases and unlimited resources of golds, coins, scores, lives and much more.

Apps Like Xmodgames

Without moving around the topic, let’s go straight to know about the apps like xmodgames and their feature and functions.

Freedom apk

Freedom apk

The first in the list is Freedom app. Freedom app is available for both androids as well as iOS devices. Freedom app is mostly recommended because it is easy to use and secure to play. Freedom app works for a huge variety of popular online games. It is the app which will provide the premium features of an application for free. Freedom app is a kind of pirating the paid apps and games of Google play store using dummy credits in the game that lets you to enjoy all those features which are offered by premium games. You can buy coins, tools and extra features without any cost while playing games.

With Freedom app, you will get full control over any android game or any other such android apps.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher

While talking about the apps like Xmodgames, Lucky patcher app cannot be avoided to explain here. Lucky Patcher is one of the best android games modifying the application that helps you to get rid of useless ads, verifying license and other features of the game you like to play. This helps you to manipulate your game according to you. Lucky Patcher works only on the rooted android device. This app removes all the ads that appear repeatedly on your phone home screen while playing games and which reduces the fun of gaming. Lucky Patcher gives you access to all the features of the game even the premium features can be accessed without incurring any expenditure on it. Along with the games, it tweaks other android applications as well.

Lucky Patcher is a fantastic app for rooted Android devices that permits you to install new system apps, patch apk files to remove advertisements, emulate levels and premium in-app purchases and a lot more to do with it.

Game Killer

Game Killer

Gamekiller app is nothing less than a blessing for mobile game lovers. We all love to play games and game killer is the way to modify your favorite games. Most of the android games are played in stages or levels and unlocking next levels usually needs coins. Such gaming app provides in-app purchase of coins but by expending real money. With Gamekiller application’s latest version you now do not need to expend a single penny to earn coins to excel in your favorite game. Just download Gamekiller app on your android mobile and enjoy unlimited gaming for free. In simple language Gamekiller app allows you to grant access those levels in the game that is only available with purchased coins but you can enjoy them without paying any amount with the help of Gamekiller app download for android.

Gamekiller app simply modifies games and made changes to games and helps to increase coins and other advantages which you need to accelerate in your game. This is the free app.

 Game Guardian


Game guardian is the game alteration tool to alter your android games. Game guardian is the well-known name for game modification and tweaking. Game guardian requires root access to your device, so if you like to use Game guardian you must root your device. The application provides multiple search options which allow you to find score values even if they are not typed correctly. So if you imagine a situation where you never fall short of your coins, gems or lives, then this situation can be real with Game guardian application.

Another Game guardian feature is its ability to modify the app’s internal clock and of a device to get immediate improvements in a game that normally make you wait for a certain number of hours to get your energy back. If you hold down your finger on the floating icon in the application, you can increase or decrease the flow of time.

LeoPlay card

LeoPlay card

LeoPlay card is the good Xmodgames alternative. It does not require rooting of the device. LeoPlay card allows you to make unlimited in-app purchases and compatible with almost all the android devices. Like other Xmodgames alternatives, this is also for free.

LeoPlay card enables you to open in-game shop and select anything in your bucket without any expense. LeoPlay card does not require rooted device hence you are at the least risk. It is important to bring in the attention of readers that LeoPlay card cannot be used for online games as LeoPlay card is not a purchased application from the official store so you can be disabled from playing a game. Developers have mentioned that the application should be used at the user’s own risk. Users have considered LeoPlay card as one of the best application to tweak the android games and multiply their fun.



Gamecih is the tool for rooted Android devices that lets you break your Android games. Gamecih is like a stair that takes you to the top of the leaderboard of your game by modifying your game scores. Gamecih requires an android device with rooted permissions to function properly. Gamecih is totally free and only works on android rooted devices. You can not only earn the lives, coins or stars but even control the speed of your game. In short, Gamecih is the application that allows you to redesign your game as per your choice. You will not be successful to alter the online games as it works only on offline games.



In line with exploring apps like Xmodgames, Creehack is the good option to look upon. It helps you in getting in-app purchases for free. Creehack is safe and secure to use on your device. Users keep this in mind that it requires root access to download the Creehack application on your android device. You do not shell out your hard earned money on app purchases as now you can get the free access to all those feature with the help of Creehack.

Creehack is not available in the Google app store so you need to download the same from its official website. This application is small in terms of its storage and occupies a very less space on your android device. Unlike many of its similar apps, Creehack supports most of the android apps and games. Creehack can be considered as one of the best applications for bypassing in-app purchases. Creehack also allows the gamers to download some of the trending games for free. You will find the treasure of free android games here.

Final words…

You might have tried many other xmodgames alternatives or apps like Xmodgames to find the mod for your android game but those which we have mentioned above are the best-selected ones. These apps like xmodgames are free to use and download. These apps are absolutely for free. Enjoying paid in-app purchase feature for free and multiplying the coins and gems in the game as per our choice sounds cool and exciting.

With these Xmodgames alternatives, you can make your smartphone your play station and enjoy unlimited gaming with full access to your games. Apps like Xmodgames help you to personalize your gaming experience. These apps are easy to download and simple to use without any technical interface. You will definitely found these apps like xmodgames worth using to improve your gaming season.

We hope you find the above draft of information useful for you and will result in exploring a good game modifying app suitable for your device. You are most welcome to share your feedback or ask any question or put any related queries by just commenting on the below box. We will be back to you soon.

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