How To Use XmodGames App to Get Free Mods for Tons of Different Games!

Xmodgames is the fabulous game modification application that hands over you such tools and access to your play that makes double the fun of gaming. Xmodgames for Android is the super mobile game assistant tool with various mods and features on android rooted devices. Many of the times gamers easily download and install the Xmodgames app on their Android devices but the real problem starts with finding the answer to the question that how to use Xmodgames.

Downloading and installation are easy but the usage of Xmodgames app is little complicated and needs a review to this post to have a full knowledge about how to use Xmoadgames.

We are trying to answer the question How to use Xmodgames app in this post. Go ahead to have a step by step guide to the usage of Xmodgames app.

How to Use Xmodgames App?

Once you have downloaded and installed the Xmodgames app, move with this post to know how to use Xmodgames. We have attempted to brief it out for you here. We have assumed that you have already downloaded and installed Xmodgames app on your rooted android device.

  • Tap on the icon Xmodgames app and launch it on your android app. You may have to wait here for few seconds to let it fully loaded.
  • When you launch it for the first time, you will need to grant Superuser or root permission to the app. For this reason, you need a rooted device for installing Xmodgames app.
  • After the application completely loaded, you will see the mod tab.
  • All those games which are compatible with the app and to which you can apply the mods will be shown on the Mod tab.
  • You will find all your installed games on my games page.
  • Select the game on which you want to apply the mod. Upon selecting the game you will see the option of “Mod”. It is to be noted that you will see the “Mod” option only when the game is compatible.
  • When you successfully find the required mod, tap on the mod and Xmodgames app will install that mod.
  • Go the home screen and open the game you want to play and for which you have searched for the mod. You will see an icon of bot on the screen.
  • Tap on the bot icon on the screen and the Xmodgames menu will be open. There you need to click on “Xmod” and the mod menu will appear.
  • Choose the desired mod you like to apply to your game and move forward with playing your game with the aid of mod.

That’s it. Once this process is done, the mod will be successfully applied to your device. You are now all set to go. Enjoy your favorite game without any hurdle or difficulty and go beyond the limits.

Compatible Games With Xmodgames(Only A few)

There are lots of games that are compatible with Xmodgames app. We are putting some of them as an example for you. These are very popular games and most downloaded by the users. The process is not easy as it seems because Xmodgames app has to bypass the security measures installed in the games.

  • Clash of clans

Xmodgames app is like the magic stick in the hands of the players who love to play Clash of clans. It provided the mod which can copy any player’s layout to your own and let you see the traps which are otherwise invisible to the opponent. It will find the base for attacking to get the maximum amount of loot with Xmod of the clash of clans.

  • Pokemon Go

This game is very different in itself when launched. It is very hard to catch Pokemon as you had to travel along with your phone. If you have made use of Xmodgames app, you are not required to move on. The mod helps you fake your GPS location so that you could travel all over the world without actual move or irrespective of your location.

  • Candy Crush

This name is well known in the smartphone game world. From kid to old everyone enjoy playing and crushing candies at their fingertip. When you apply the mod using Xmodgames app, you can have never-ending lives instead of the five limited lives.

Modding the games using Xmodgames app is really simple and you will have a good hand on if you repeat it for a couple of times.


Xmodgames app is kind of game mod bucket from which you can pick the mod and add to your game. Xmodgames app will give you added advantage over other players and accelerates you in the game. In our previous post we have explained about downloading and installing process of Xmodgames app but here we have written about the usage of Xmodgames app. How to use Xmodgames is the commonly raised question and we are trying to assist you better with this post where we are attempting to answer how to use Xmodgames without root or how to use Xmodgames. This app works well on rooted device hence it is suggested to have a rooted android device before going ahead with the downloading of an app. You may use any rooting app like Framaroot or Kingroot for this purpose. They are safe and secure applications in this way.

We wish you finally got the mods for your game and have a good understanding of how to use Xmodgames. Have a word in the comment box below about this post on how to use Xmodgames. You may also share your feedback with us.

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